About Radha Patel

I am glad to see you here. For me, becoming an NP was a Dream in 2011 when I was not even a Registered Nurse. I wrote Radha J Patel, NP at the side of the book page that I was reading. Since then becoming NP was my Dream.

It took me 7 years to finish RN to NP since I was from overseas. One day, on Dec 12th, 2018, my dream came true. I become an AANP board certified FNP. However, Journey from RN-NP was not easy at  all. I never ever thought about failure once. Kept on going until I achieved the goal that I made in 2011.
Meanwhile, worked a full-time job, had 2 babies, helped my husband in his business and attended full-time school.

In a nutshell, What I wanted to tell you all is that success does not come easy. You have to work hard to achieve something in your life. It is worth every moment of struggle.