Live FNP/ Adult-Gero 5 weeks Intense Review In Oct 2024 will be Open to sign up next year


3 Months access to Privilege combo

(Require to purchase


Exam Focused  Miracle Review Crash Course


1 Month access

It includes: 
  1. 5 Hour Review followed by a 3 Hour verbal Quiz 
  2. Patel’s Predictor Test with 150 MCQ

Privilege Combo
Review( 28.25 CE hrs Accredited By AANP)


3 Months access

 It includes:
  1.  In-Depth System by System Review-Material made Easy to understand 
  2.  5 hrs Miracle Review (Crash Course) along with 3 hrs Quiz.
  3. Patel’s Predicator Test with 150 MCQ
  4. 15 downloadable outlined fill in the blanks Study guides 

In-Depth System by System Review


1 Month Access

Want to learn more in your last Clinicals to prepare for your board exam or 3p exam or exit exam???????????

 It includes: 

  1. Extensive separate videos covering total 16 systems with colorful pictures and Highlighted Main points.
  2. 15 downloadable outlined fill in the blanks Study guides  

Patel's Predictor Test

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Predict your success on upcoming board exam make your mind more at ease after a true Certificate exam experience. If you get 80 % and above in this test that means you are doing well for upcoming exam. More predictor test yet to come in near future. 

150 questions. 3- hour time limit.

Pass Pass Pass!!!!!!!!!

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  What makes this Review the best and why you should choose Us ?   

       Your win is my win. Your success is my satisfaction and motivation. I truly believe that this outstanding Certification Review package will help you tremendously, not only to pass National Certification Board Exam but also to help you take care for the patient with confidence.

       Before creating these Reviews, I have read many books & use my personal experience and knowledge in order put it all the informations together. I know reading a book can be so…  boring sometimes and I have experienced those emotions that you may have been going through. Therefore, after considering the need for a student NP and a brand new provider, I have created these reviews. 

       I will help you connect the dots in your Knowledge gap with my In-Depth System by System Review. I have organized information in a targeted manner in Exam focused Miracle review(Your Last Minute Review). This review material has a proven 99% passing rate, you can’t go wrong with the in-depth system by system review and Miracle review along with quiz (Called Privilege COMBO).

       The information is comprehensive and delivered in a focused manner that makes it an outstanding Certification Review. The most important feature is that it is Visual + Audio combined facilitating a learner to learn faster with better memory retention. At last but not least, it is the most Cost-effective review due to the duration of access. 

Our Core Values


To help students prepare for the national certification board exam and to bridging the knowledge gap.


Our Vision is to Help you achieve your goal to become a compassionate and competent Provider.



We strive to be the most Compelling Reviewers and empower Students and learners to reach their Maximum Potential.


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“I passed today!! Blessed to have found Radha J Patel and your System Review and Miracle Review....i attended and then went over it again! Thank you so much!! You truly rock!!!.”
Sonia Mirza
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“I passed. I could not have done this without the System Review and Miracle Review...both are worth it...get both and pass with confidence...I am now Lynette Scott, MSN AGNP-C”
Lynette Scott Taylor
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“I passed AANP yesterday! Thank you So much! I enjoyed the system review and your Miracle Review so much! It was very helpful!”
Trina A. Chappell
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“I passed the AANP. Thank you very much Radha J Patel for the review. It helped me so much. During the test I could hear your voice. Also thanks to the group for sharing their thoughts and their experiences, all that helped to encourage people like me during the preparation. Good luck to all, if I did it you can do it. ”
Joyce Taylor