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In-Depth System by System Review

This is the First step to begin Exam preparation for AANP and ANCC (we will not cover non clinical portion). Be proactive and may start preparing( Reviewing Material) 4-6 months prior taking your boards. Last 2 months of your exam is very important time, where strict studying begins. May want to spend 6 hrs on daily basis in order to prepare well for your upcoming board exam. 

          This review is filled with tons of Pictures and easy to understand explanation will help you absorb information like a sponge. Understanding the basics of each system is crucial not only to pass the board exam but also to have you feel comfortable and confident taking care of the patients. 

In-Depth System by System Review



1 Months Access
Extensive videos with colorful Slides
20+ Hours of Content (16 Videos)

Miracle Review Crash Course

The best step in Exam preparation for AANP and ANCC. Exam focused Miracle review will help you organize the bountiful  information in a focused manner. Clear and Concise review content will help you build the necessary confidence to successfully pass the national certification board exam. Quiz Part will give you a good understanding of your endurance. It will help you assess your knowledge and increase your mental stamina.

          The Quiz part is comprised of an audio-only feature where the learner is proposed one by one short questions or scenarios, given time to answer the question followed by a correct answer. This is a great way to assess what you have learned so far.

Miracle Review



1 month access
5 Hour Review followed by 3 Hour Quiz

Privilege Combo

It includes….. In-Depth System by System review, 5 hrs exam focused Miracle review and Quiz.

This is the most cost-effective option designed for those who are fast learners. 

Privilege Combo(16.75 CE hrs Accredited by AANP )



3 month access
The Privilege Combo includes all courses:   In Depth System by System Review, Exam Focused Miracle Review(Crash Course) & Quiz

Patel's Predictor Test

Predict your success on upcoming board exam make your mind more at ease after a true Certificate exam experience

150 questions. 3- hour time limit.